Truman Book Trailers

Across the Desert – Emmilee Offutt, Marshfield Junior High School

After Math, Kinley Mortenson and Lena Roth, South Valley High School

Alone – Olivia Turner, Camdyn Johnston, and Presley David, Liberty Middle School

Amari and the Night Brothers – David McAdams, LaSalle Springs Middle School

Carry Me Home – Whitley Dill, Marshfield Junior High School

Concealed – Taylor Cox, Marshfield Junior High School

Eyes of the Forest – Kendyl Dolan, Marshfield Junior High School

Ground Zero – Rylie Diehl, South Valley Middle School

Just Like That – Jakob Erikson, Discovery Middle School

Rescue – Gracie Dunn, Madisyn Meyer, and Caitlin Stegall, Discovery Middle School

Starfish – Cami Hartman and Tahila Snodgrass, Liberty Middle School

The Shadow Prince – Emmet Griffin, Reedy Academy