TLC (Teacher/Librarian Collaboration) Award

The deadline to submit applications for this award is December 15. To apply, click here: Teacher/Librarian Collaboration Award Application


  1. Please type background information and application.
  2. Attachments may be included to show samples of unit materials and/or examples of student work.
  3. Submit background information and application narrative via the MASL website or send to MASL office.  Must be postmarked no later than December 15 via website, fax, or postal service.
  4. Grant winner is required to present a MASL Spring Conference Workshop.

Background Information

  1. Name of nominee, subject/grade taught, official name of school district, name of school, building principal, school address, fax number and email address.
  2. Name of nominator, official name of school district, name of school, school address, home and work phone numbers, fax number, and email address.

Application Narrative
(Not to exceed two pages, single space, one side)

Section 1 – Collaborative Project or Activities
Describe how the nominee and library media specialist develop and implement collaborative projects or activities using the library media center.

Section 2 – Planning and Evaluation
Describe how the nominee includes the library media specialist in planning and evaluation of student projects.

Section 3 – Integration of Information Skills
Describe how the nominee uses and reinforces information skills in the classroom.

Section 4 – Intercurricular Connections
Describe how the nominee fits projects into the curriculum and makes intercurricular connections.

Section 5 – Collection Development
Describe the nominee’s assistance in collection development to support projects and/or activities.

Section 6 – Influence on Other Faculty
Describe how the nominee shares projects or activities with other teachers.

Nominations are due December 15

Past Winners

Click here to view a list of past award winners.