Readers Award – Voting


Who can cast a vote?

Any Missouri student is entitled to cast a vote for a Readers Award according to the procedures described on the official tally sheets.

Students must read a minimum of the following to be able to vote for a Readers Award:

Readers AwardVoting Criteria
Show MeMust read at least 6 of the titles on the current Master List.
Mark TwainMust read at least 4 of the titles on the current Master List.
TrumanMust read at least 4 of the titles on the current Master List.
GatewayMust read at least 2 of the titles on the current Master List.

The 2023 voting period is March 1st through 11:59 pm on March 10th.

How are student votes reported?

Step 1: Prepare Ballots for Students
You may use the ballots MASL has developed (23-24 information coming soon) or you may design your own ballots.

Step 2: Let the Students Vote
Each student has one vote per ballot and may only submit one ballot per each award category.  A student may only cast a vote for the awards if they have read at least the minimum number of titles on the master list.

Step 3: Tally Up the Votes
Record the results of your school’s ballot voting on the MASL voting tally sheet (found below) for each award.

Step 4: Report the Votes Online
Tally sheet data MUST be submitted via the Online Readers Award Voting form by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the voting period.  Please note that the online form will not be activated until the voting period begins.  Votes will not be accepted if they are submitted via email, mail or fax.

Ballots & Tally Sheets

Downloadable ballots and tally sheets are made available prior to the voting period to aid in collecting student votes.  ALL votes must then be submitted online via the Online Readers Award Voting form, which is only active during the voting period.


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Tally Sheets

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Voting Period

Student voting for the current year’s Readers Award titles is held March 1 through 11:59 p.m. on March 10 (subject to change depending on day of the week, etc.). You may vote here.

Winner Announcement

Results will be announced at the annual Spring Conference, so don’t forget to register to attend!