Mark Twain Award

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About the Mark Twain Readers Award

Age Level

The winner of the Mark Twain Readers Award is selected annually by students in grades four through six.


The purpose of the Mark Twain Award is to provide children of Missouri with a recommended reading list of literature that will enrich their lives.


Criteria for Mark Twain nominees is as follows:

  • Books should interest children in grades four through six.
  • Books should be an original work written by an author living in the United States.
  • Books should be of literary value which may enrich children’s personal lives.
  • Books should be published two years prior to nomination on a Master List of 12 nominees.


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Winners and Nominees

2017-2018 Readers Awards Winners

2018-2019 Mark Twain Final Nominees

Past Winners & Nominees

2017-2018 Mark Twain Final Nominees

2016-2017 Readers Awards Winners

Archived Mark Twain Information


  • Mark Twain Grant Application

Complete the grant application for the opportunity to be awarded a full set of this year’s nominated titles.

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