Lynne Stype Empowerment Grant

The deadline for submitting applications for this grant is December 15.  To apply click here: Lynne Stype Empowerment Grant Application

Sponsored by Follett School Solutions

Lynne Stype, former MASL President, Mark Twain Award Chair and Co-Founder of the Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks, spent much of her professional career as the sole library media specialist in her building with no clerical support. Despite the demands the work made on Lynne and her family, she devoted many hours of service to professional associations. This grant recognizes Lynne Stype’s devotion to service and her dedicated interest in professional development and forwarding the cause of 21st century school libraries.

Purposes of the Grant
  1. Acknowledges the challenges of administering and providing for the 21st century library media program.
  2. Recognizes individuals whose extraordinary efforts follow Lynne Stype’s example of service to the profession.
  3. Makes digital materials (eBooks and databases) more accessible to Missouri school libraries and classrooms.
Nature of the Award
  1. Provides up to $1000 worth of digital content toward establishing a new or expanded school-based digital library program.  Digital materials include free eBooks and/or digital databases made available on the FollettShelf.
  2. Based on recipient’s detailed plan for a media center-to-classroom.
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Applicant:
    1. Is a current Missouri resident or currently employed in a Missouri school.
    2. Is a current member of the Missouri Association of School Librarians.
    3. Is not a past recipient of the Lynne Stype Grant.
    4. Has demonstrated prior participation in professional development by attending MASL conferences and/or workshops.
  2. Applicant’s proposed usage of the digital collection must fall into one of three general categories: reading and literacy, curriculum-aligned nonfiction content, or professional development.
  3. Applicant will provide a reference letter from their principal(s).  The letter will need to indicate support for the applicant’s vision in developing and using a digital library.
  4. Applicant agrees to present a program disseminating activities/experiences at the next MASL Spring Conference.
  5. Applicant agrees to serve as an at-large member of the Professional Education Committee for one year.
Selection Process
  1. The Professional Education Committee evaluates the applications.
  2. Awards are determined using a blind review, rubric-based process.
  3. In the event that one or more applicants receive the same number of points, a drawing determines the recipient.
  4. The Professional Education Committee Chair or a designee may elect to conduct e-mail or telephone interviews with the applicants and/or references listed.
  5. If submitted applications do not meet the stated criteria the Professional Education Committee may recommend to the Council and Follett School Solutions that no grant be awarded.
  6. All applications are retained in the MASL office for one year.
  7. MASL honors the recipient(s) and a guest at the Spring Conference awards ceremony.
  8. In the event that a grant recipient fails to meet criteria, they shall forfeit the grant. The Professional Education Committee may then choose an alternate recipient.
Completing the Application Form:
  1. Provide all required information on the application form
  2. Please include a recent photo of yourself for publication purposes.
  3. Please use Times New Roman 12 font with 1-inch page margins on all uploaded documents.
  4. All electronic and mailed applications must be received no later than close of business on December 15 (5:00 p.m. CST). 

Applicant Information

  • Name
  • School District
  • School Building(s) and Grades Served
  • Contact Information (Address, phone and email.)
  • Missouri Residency Status

Professional Information

  • Currently Employed in a Missouri School?
  • School District Name
  • School Name(s) and Grade(s) Served
  • Applicant’s Professional Contact Information (Address, phone and email)
  • Work Experience Information (Such as a Resume)
  • Currently a MASL Member?
  • Have You Received a Lynne Stype Grant Before?
  • If You Receive Grant, Do You Agree to Present a Program Disseminating Activities/Experiences at the Next MASL Spring Conference?
  • If You Receive Grant, Do You Agree to Serve as an At-Large Member of the Professional Education Committee for One Year?
Administrator Reference
Provide contact information (district, school, phone and email) for each of the building principals for whom you work, in addition to a reference letter from each principal listed. The Professional Education Committee Chair or a designee may elect to conduct e-mail or telephone interviews with the applicant(s) and/or references listed regarding the proposed conference and its potential benefit as a professional development opportunity.
Additionally, applicants should be prepared to answer whether their principal(s) show support for their vision of developing and implementing a digital library.
Essays and Additional Documentation Required
Applicants should upload

  • A document detailing how the applicant shows dedication to improving their knowledge/skills by having participated in professional development opportunities.
  • A document detailing the applicant’s current situation regarding digital content and classroom collaboration. (Essay 1)
  • A document detailing how the grant would improve this situation. (Essay 2)
  • A grant implementation plan. (Essay 3)
  • A grant budget plan detailing how they would expend grant funds and how the expenditure plan relates to the implementation plan.
  • A document outlining a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital resource implementation.
Submission Information
Electronic submissions: applications may be submitted via form on the MASL website.
All application materials must be received by the MASL Office no later than close of business December 15 (5:00 p.m. CT). Any applications received after the stated deadline will not be reviewed.

Past Winners

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