Readers Awards

2023-2024 Preliminary Nominees

About the Readers Awards

Mission Statement

The librarians of Missouri believe that exposing students to quality literature impacts their future reading habits.  These awards encourage students in grades one through twelve to explore new literary genres, to recognize excellence in writing and illustrating, and to experience the joy of literature.

MASL’s five Readers Awards represent the best current youth literature available to students of different grade levels. View all committee members.

Show Me Readers Award (Grades 1-3)

Mark Twain Readers Award (Grades 4-6)

Truman Readers Award (Grades 6-8)

Gateway Readers Award (Grades 9-12)

Dogwood Readers Award (Grades PreK-12)

Recommend A Book – Students, teachers, librarians, and parents can recommend a book for Readers Award consideration.