2023 MASL Initiatives

MASL has many exciting initiatives planned for 2022-23! We are looking for applicants for the following new initiatives:

  • Denny O’Neil Graphic Novel List Task Force
    • MASL is adding a new category to the Readers Awards with the formation of the Denny O’Neil Graphic Novel List Task Force. This task force will begin working this fall to develop a handbook, spreadsheet, and guidelines for selecting exemplary K-12 graphic novels for grade level lists.
    • Members will include 8 total, including the 3 rotating positions of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary with 5 members serving One-Year terms. Following the first year, there will be 9 total members, including Past Chair from Year One.
    • Task Force will be added as an official Committee at the annual Business Meeting at Spring Conference 2023.
    • Members will read graphic novels from the 2023 copyright year, with an inaugural list in 2024.
    • NOTE: The award is named in honor of Denny O’Neil, who was a prominent comic book writer born in St. Louis.
  • Missouri School Library Lesson Plan Database
    • MASL is in the process of creating an online Lesson Plan Database for use by all MASL Members as a member benefit. This database will allow school librarians to search for library lessons according to subject, standard, or grade level.
    • Members will be responsible creating a method for school librarians to submit library lessons as well as criteria for inclusion in the Lesson Plan Database. A total of 8 members and 1 chair will be included.
    • Lessons will be uploaded to LibGuides and formatted to be an interactive, one-stop shop for school librarians to teach from or use directly with students.
    • Task Force will be added as an official Committee at the annual Business Meeting at Spring Conference 2023.
  • Missouri School Library Standards Task Force
    • MASL is beginning the process of evaluating options for Missouri school library standards, previously a DESE project.
    • Members will evaluate standards adopted or created by other states and organizations, as well as developing a plan for writing standards for Missouri.
    • Equal representation across regions and school district sizes/types will be the goal, with a total of 11 members (one per region) and 1 chair.
    • Task Force will remain in existence through Year Two or the conclusion of its work. Multiple groups may be formed to work on various aspects of standards.

Please apply for ONE of the following initiatives using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/bX9jPFuwpQjjdseq7

Tentative deadline for applications is Sept. 28th. Task forces members will be approved at the Oct. 7th MASL BOD meeting.